Power, Privilege, Implicit Bias, and Occupational Therapy

1.5 hours. A societal shift is underway, one which insists that we acknowledge and address the historical harms enacted on Indigenous and Black people in America. Medical and educational institutions have been especially problematic in maintaining and enacting this oppression. Occupational therapists are integral members of the medical and educational communities and must grapple with the effects of implicit bias, racism, and discrimination in their practice. Unintentional harms can be addressed and new patterns of self-awareness can be cultivated. This workshop will support you to begin your exploration into this topic and to consider ways that you may be able to address your own privilege and reduce unintentional harm. You will leave the workshop with a basic understanding of the topic, 3 action-steps to try in your field of practice, and 2 mindfulness techniques to increase your physical stamina for racial discomfort and to weave this into your daily work as an occupational therapist.


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