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Support the OT profession in New Mexico and make your voice heard about issues that affect you and your practice. 

All OTs, OTAs and OT/OTA students in New Mexico can participate. 

NMOTA member OTs and OTAs may receive up to 7 free CEUs

Click Here For: 

  • Part 1: Online (1 CEU)

    • How does the NM Legislature Work 

  • Part 2: Online​ (1 CEU)

    • Specific Legislation affecting the OT Profession and our clients​

  • Part 3: In Person, 1/31/24​, (Up to 5 CEUs)

    • OT Day at the Roundhouse

NMOTA 2023 Fall/Winter 

  • The all-volunteer board has been working hard for the OT profession in NM. 

  • 2023 Fall/Winter

NMOTA Annual Conference
Save the Date: 9/7/2024

  • Share your ideas ​​

  • Meet the NM OT and OTA community

  • Network with potential workplaces and team members

The Benefit of NMOTA to OT Practitioners (OTs and OTAs) in New Mexico: 

The Occupational Therapy profession has a stronger advocacy voice when OTs and OTAs join. Our work benefits all OT practitioners in the state. Here’s how:

NMOTA keeps OTs and OTAs informed: 

  • Our newsletters (published by e-mail to membership and on our website for all OT practitioners) highlight important issues, such as the changes to the OT Rules and Laws made in 2022. This was first presented to OTs and OTAs at the annual conference, then published to all in our Fall 2022 newsletter.

  • OTs and OTAs who present at conferences earn three-times the CEUs as their presentation length (so a 90 minute presentation = 4.5 CEUs for the presenters). 

NMOTA ensures our distinct value:

  • NMOTA fought for years to ensure that the scope of practice for OT practitioners in New Mexico is updated to promote our distinct value. 

  • Protecting our scope of practice means that professions like life coaches, physical trainers, and other non-licensed professions cannot claim to work within our scope of practice. 

  • NMOTA will advocate for the occupational therapy scope of practice every time the bill sunsets (expires). 

NMOTA ensures that lawmakers know about our powerful profession:

  • NMOTA follows legislation to watch for issues important to OTs, OTAs, and our clients. 

  • NMOTA advocated for the National OT Compact in 2022, which will make it easier for OTs and OTAs who work along state borders to practice in other states (or have clinical supervision from other states). We will continue to advocate for this measure as our membership sees fit. 

  • NMOTA updates OT practitioners on legislative matters on our website and social media. 

NMOTA keeps OTs and OTAs connected: 

  • The NMOTA annual conference is the best OT party in the state. 

  • Conference connects OTs and OTAs to experts in different fields from NM and other states. 

  • The Conference connects students with different practice settings (and future employers). 

  • NMOTA also connects OTs and OTAs on our website and social media. 

NMOTA needs a strong membership base to serve OTs and OTAs

  • Our profession is stronger when we are connected by sharing knowledge and networking. 

  • Lawmakers know that NMOTA advocates for the whole profession when OTs and OTAs participate through their membership and on committees. 

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