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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my NMOTA membership number?

The NMOTA does not use membership numbers. 


When is your Annual Conference scheduled for?

We hold our NMOTA Annual Conference in August or September of each year. Find the most current information on our Events page.


Can you help me with my state license? 

The NMOTA is a professional organization not associated with the NM Regulation and Licensing Department. As such, we cannot provide updates to license processing. Please refer to the following website for all your NM OT/A licensing and regulation questions:

Where can I find information about OT/OTA supervision requirements for NM?

Information about OT/OTA supervision requirements can be found at


How do I know if my CEUs are approved? Does the NMOTA approve CEUs?

The NMOTA does not approve CEUs. Please refer to the NM Regulations and Licensing Department for CEU approvals. You can find more information here:

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