2019 NMOTA Bylaws:

Call for Amendments or Revisions

New Mexico Occupational Therapy Association (NMOTA) bylaws were last reviewed and revised in 2014. The current NMOTA Board of Directors (including the Executive Board, Committee Chairs, and Ex Officio (non-voting members) are undertaking a review of the bylaws to ensure consistency, clarity, and efficiency. 


Consistent with the 2014 bylaws, feedback was solicited from NMOTA membership regarding recommended amendments and/or revisions via social media and email blast (sent out on June 3, 2019). We have incorporated the feedback received from members and the NMOTA Board into the revised bylaws. 


Per the 2014 bylaws, members have at least 15 days to review the bylaw revisions. The revisions will be voted on during our Annual Business Meeting at the NMOTA Conference in September.


The 2014 bylaws can be viewed here

The revised bylaws, with explanation for any recommended revisions, can be found here. A document with more detailed explanations for some of the revisions is found here or by going to http://bit.ly/NMOTA_rev.


Thank you for your review and participation,




Per Article XII, Section 1 of the current (2014) bylaws:

A. The Board of Directors shall announce a call for amendments or revisions in an official publication to all OT, OTA, and student members.

B. OT, OTA, and student members shall have 30 days from the date of publication to submit suggestions to the Board of Directors.

C. Bylaws revisions shall be presented to the membership at least 15 days prior to vote at the Annual Business Meeting.

D. Bylaws amendments shall be voted on at the Annual Business Meeting by voting members present.

E. Bylaws revisions shall be voted on by OT, OTA, and student members at the Annual Business Meeting.


NMOTA is a tax exempt organization under IRS section 501(c)(6)