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Benefits of NMOTA Membership


The New Mexico Occupational Therapy Association is the ONLY membership association for occupational therapy in New Mexico. NMOTA is your community to find networking friends, professional development opportunities, as well as validation and affirmation for the distinct professional role you play in your facility, organization, or agency. You need people. We are your people.


We understand the importance of representing your interests to policy makers, legislators, and other power brokers in New Mexico. We lobby, testify, present, and advocate for the value of occupational therapy in habilitation and rehabilitation of people who want to return to valued roles and participation in life activities they need to do, want to do, or have to do. There simply is no other way to put it: NMOTA is vital in protecting the practice of occupational therapy in New Mexico. This singular activity is reason enough alone to belong to this organization. Don't take your freedom to practice for granted, it is paid for by the members of NMOTA. 



NMOTA is putting YOUR best foot forward in presenting the power of occupational therapy practice to the public in New Mexico. We are educating, raising public awareness, and promoting occupational therapy in the media, news, and select online social forums. Now YOU have a vehicle to present what is new, cutting edge, and best practice by contributing content to the NMOTA website. Blog, discuss, submit an event, or showcase your organization or service. The possibilities are endless, and at your fingertips. Don't have a lot of time? Quickly spread your enthusiasm for OT practice by liking and sharing content from  Or the NMOTA Facebook Page



Did we mention that NMOTA is an ALL volunteer organization led by occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants? We have no paid staff. What we do have are dedicated practitioners who step up to do the grunt work, heavy lifting, occasional worrying, and sharing in the satisfaction of a job well done in operating a membership association. Many hands make light work. How can your talents, creative capacities, organizational skills, and enthusiasm move this mountain? 

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