Advertizing Payment Information

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Advertising Payment Portal and Instructions


For your convenience - We've made this as simple as pressing a button.

Just review the Pricing and other Options on the form you downloaded.  Then calculate the Total Amount for your Employment Ad or Educational Opportunity so that you have the amount you wish to pay handy.

After that... Click on the "Submit Your Payment" button below and you will be transported to our secure payment start page - powered by  To finish the process, simply add the amount you need to wish in the space provided,  and proceed to the checkout page...  There will be spaces on the form to provide a description of your transaction and email address ( all items marked with an asterisk * are required. )  - please write down the transaction number and any other information before you close the browser.



[ As soon as we receive the Payment Confirmation, we will post your ad in the appropriate website section, publish an Announcement on our Home Page and on Facebook pointing to the ad, and will include the full ad in the first available member news email sent out after the ad is received - usually within two weeks - We will send a copy of the transaction report  ]

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