Message From The President

Carlilse  President's Corner

Meet the new Board.

NMOTA is very excited to have 3 exceptional volunteers to staff our executive board through a difficult transition.

President: Laura Carlisle (Completing the Past Presidents 2 year term ending in June 2018)

Vice President: Robert Hobbs (Beginning his first two year term through June 2019)

Treasurer Prisca Werbelow (Completing her first 2 year term as treasurer through June 2018))

Secretary: Mary Thelander Hill (Completing the Past Secretary's 2 year term through June 2018

Many thanks to all the members who have stepped forward to make NMOTA successful over the years. And Please, If you'd like to volunteer for one of several committee chair positions available - Contact James -- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details,

Current Open Committee Chair Positions are:

Standing Committees

Continuing Education

Ad Hoc Committees



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