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New Mexico Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference, September 7-8, 2018
Sponsors please inquire with Vendor Agent Elisa MacKenzie, email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Moving Beyond The Table:

The Annual NMOTA Conference has always been a great local venue to make connections and display your products and services. Over 300 people attend annually. The 2018 conference will offer much more than that because, this year, to show our appreciation for the service providers, educational institutions and equipment suppliers we all depend on to provide essential care for those we serve, we are expanding that Value to include new opportunities to grow your audience.


Why? Because we know that increasing your market viability and client base is important to you, and that a link on a page no one sees is of little value toward that goal. And so, in 2018, we're "Moving Beyond The Table" to include free advertising and other enhanced marketing opportunities in order to provide increased exposure for your products and services. Our Connections - Are Now Your Connections.


Here's what that means to you:

When you sign on to exhibit at the conference this year, you'll have free ( limited term ) access to our entire online community and social web. The NMOTA website, Facebook page, and bi-weekly email newsletters, generally exceed 50,000 views annually. On average the website receives 2900 views per month, our growing email list contains more than 1750 contacts, and our Facebook page reaches several hundred followers every day. Our new event registration provider also allows us to highlight conference exhibitors on special splash pages during the registration process.


We believe we have a lot to offer, and the best part, these new marketing resources are included when you sign up for one of the Sponsorship Packages below. 


Available Packages and Options:


Turquoise Level - $1000.00

Conference Benefits

  • One Conference Registration

  • Draped table in prime location

  • Rotating Banner on CVENT Conference Page and Mobile App July to September

  • Two daily mentions on Conference Splash Pages, Tweets, and Facebook

  • Sponsor Sign on Vendor Snack & Beverage Table Friday or Saturday

Value Added Benefits

  • large Sponsor Banners on NMOTA Website Splash Page for Three Months (see available options below)

  • Monthly Sponsor Ad in an NMOTA Constant Contact News Email

  • Pinned Image Ad Post on the NMOTA Facebook Page – Rotating Weekly for Three Months (see available options below)


Silver Level $500.00

Conference Benefits

  • Discounted Conference Registration

  • Draped table in dedicated vendor area

  • Two Mentions on Conference Splash Pages

Value Added Benefits

  • Small banner ad placement on high traffic NMOTA website pages for Three Months (see available options below)

  • Quarterly Sponsor Ad in an NMOTA Constant Contact News Email

  • Monthly Ad post on the NMOTA Facebook Page for Three Months (see available options below)


Special Sponsorship's – with donation of $50 or more.

We've added an optional donation based opportunity for anyone who would like to sponsor a snack or beverage table at the conference. Whether you can be there or not, your business or service will be on display, on a table, and on our conference registration splash pages – If you have brochures or business cards, we would be more than happy to provide space for those as well. For more information about these special sponsorship's, please email us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Advertising Templates and Options:


There are several methods to take advantage of the value-added opportunities we've included in the new sponsorship packages offered this year. In addition to those noted above, you can send us your Logo to replace the text links we will still be posting on the conference exhibitors page, substitute page banners with employment ad posts on our jobs page, or extend your sponsorship to one of the many Continuing Education Events we hold throughout the year. When the run-time limits ( 3 months, quarterly ) noted for each sponsor level expire, you can always opt-in for an extended run.


Banner Ad Templates.

Although we will accept a text based article of up to 300 words, we prefer to use image banners, submitted by your organization, that contain the information you wish to be presented. Currently we offer 6 banner size options with specific placement locations to provide you with the best possible exposure on all of our media outlets. All Website banners will be linked to your Website or Facebook page, and monitored for click–thru's in order to track visitors from our pages to yours.


1. Rotating Homepage Banner Ad-space – 940 x 250 pixels ( exclusive to Turquoise Sponsors Only - actual size not shown  ) Our website splash page has 3 openings available for use between August 15th 2017 and January 15th 2018. Depending on the number of Turquoise level sponsors, we would either rotate these on a weekly or monthly basis ( Sponsor Of The Week/Month ) to insure coverage. If there are more than 6 sponsors at that level, we would offer placement according to our Ad-space for the Page Footer Banner (# 3 below).

940 by 250 homepagebanner

View Full Size Template


2. Facebook/Email Image Ad-space – 500 x 500 pixels ( available to both Turquoise and Silver Level Sponsors ). Due to Formatting limitations imposed by Facebook and our Email Templates, this is the maximum size of the ad-space available. Depending opon your needs, this should be adequate for most applications. Our small banner templates ( below ) are also functionally formatted for use on a Facebook page, or in our email newsletters. 

500 by 500 Facebook image


3. Page Footer Banner Ad-space – 900 x 150 pixels. For Turquoise sponsors, when we rotate your Homepage banner out, your ad-space would be placed on one or more of our high-traffic pages.

940 by 250 homepagebanner



Small Banner Formats: ( Available to Turquoise and Silver level sponsors )



4. Content Footer Ad-space - 600 X 200 pixels. This is the standard website and newsletter ad-space for silver level sponsors.

600 by 200 page banner


5. Inline Banner Ad-space – 450 x 120 pixels ( Available to all Sponsor Levels – and by request ) Essentially, these would be inserted in new or updated articles on the website, and in moderate site traffic areas where other formats would be intrusive.

450 by 120 inline banner


6. Sidebar Banner Ad-space – 200 x 250 pixels.  Available to Silver Sponsor Levels – and by request



Marketing Opportunities with the NMOTA are Available Year Round - We offer low cost access to newsletter ad placement, Website and Facebook Banner Ad-space, and employment listing resources to all New Mexico health-care professionals, organizations, and services. Moving Beyond The Table...  Visit our Advertizing page to Learn How.   



 New Mexico Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference, September 7-8, 2018
Sponsors please inquire with Vendor Agent Elisa MacKenzie, email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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